Development of Unified Portal of Citizen Feedback, Call Center and Mobile ID Systems

Project Summary

Country  Armenia 
Overall project value EUR 980,000.00
USD 1,109,260.46
AMD 539,078,400.00 
Proportion carried out by VXSoft (%)    28
Number of staff provided21
Name of clientStaff of Prime Minister of RA
Origin of funding

Name of consortium members, if any UNICOMP JSC
Duration of the project March 2019 - March 2020

The main purpose of the project was to develop the unified portal of citizen feedback (assessment of satisfaction), and the introduction of a unified system of call center ("HOT LINE" service) of RA State bodies and Mobile ID System. The project was aimed at developing a Citizen Feedback system to receive and analyze electronically, data concerning citizen satisfaction with all services rendered by State bodies, creating a hot line telephone service for citizens and recording in the Citizen Feedback system the issues and questions raised by citizens via the hot line, and providing for electronic feedback between the systems rendering services to citizens electronically and the Citizen Feedback system for exchange of data regarding the level of citizen satisfaction with the quality of the services rendered.

Software solutions delivered:

  • the website for on-line access to all services provided to particular citizens, 
  • integrated data collection system collecting service application information from electronic systems in more than ten different Government entities,
  • automated case management system to enable satisfaction surveys, sms, and emails to be sent to citizens,
  • development of software requirement specifications (SRS) and development of a completely new software product based on the initial SRS document,
  • integration of a mobile ID system for various Government systems throughout the Armenian interoperability platform,
  • development of software requirement documents,
  • design and implementation of internal business processes,
  • unified call center to enable collecting and processing citizen complaints relating to services provided by different Government entities,
  • responsible staff members trained to use and maintain the system. Training Courses for new system users, including citizens, provided through presentations/workshops and a publicity campaign for each project component above,
  • whole system tested and launched, with technical follow-up, with a probation and guarantee period of one year. 

Tasks delivered

  • Development of software specifications for programming teams
  • Development of software integration methodology and specifications
  • Software development installation and testing
  • User acceptance testing
  • Business process analysis
  • Management consulting
  • Change management strategy development and implementation
  • Development of online training curricula and methodology
  • Development of user and administration manuals
  • System stress testing
  • Training of different user groups
  • Software integration with other e-Gov systems developed based on above requirements.