Development of an On-Line Electronic Pension and Financial Literacy Portal for Armenian Government

Project Summary

Country  Armenia 
Overall project value EUR 113,401
USD 137,873
AMD 65,485,680
Proportion carried out VXSoft (%) 100
Number of staff provided12
Name of clientMinistry of Labor and Social Affairs of RA
Origin of fundingThe World Bank
Name of consortium members, if anyN/A
Duration of the project2011 February - 2014 December

Detailed description of project

PPAFL-2.1.2C On-Line Electronic Pension and Financial Literacy PortalThe objective of "PPAFL-2.1.2C Development of On-Line Electronic Pension and Financial Literacy Portal" project was to increase awareness in the population, improve financial knowledge, and provide high quality services, ensuring the best public understanding of new pension system advantages and profitability. The portal established different calculators where any citizen can calculate the size of their pension by entering the required set of non-personal data and represented all relevant legal and other information on the pension system.

Software solutions delivered:

  • Web Content Management System;
    • complete automation of the web publishing workflow
    • development of WYSIWYG content edition tools for on-line content publishers
    • graphical design of the portal
    • search engine optimised content management systems

Tasks delivered

  • Development and submission of technical specifications for development and introduction of the portal
  • Development of the system in accordance with technical specifications
  • Activation of fully-functional system in a test environment, obtaining client’s comments and suggestions
  • Developed training curricula for identified types of users
  • Trained system users
  • Developed and provided to the client the system administration and training manuals 
  • Developed and submitted for client approval the list and detailed specifications of equipment necessary for the system operation
  • Developed tender documents for any subsequent equipment tendering process
  • Commitment to maintain, modernise, and fine-tune the system for one year following end-of-contract

The system is available at