Development of Electronic Document Management System for the Government of Armenia

Project Summary

Country  Armenia 
Overall project value EUR 409,433
USD 589,950
AMD 222,281,361
Proportion carried out VXSoft (%) 50 % as sub-contractor
Number of staff provided8
Name of clientMinistry of Justice of RA
Origin of funding

The World Bank

Name of consortium members, if any

The AI Partnership

Duration of the projectMay 2009 - May 2011

Detailed description of project

Customisation and complete automation of document processing in 13 Ministries and 10 Marzpetarans. The project proposed automation of document circulation within and between Government bodies, electronic exchange of documents between Government institutions, the application of electronic signatures and civil servant training. The project components are detailed below:
  • Replication of the Government business processes in EDMS - this project proposed a review and revision of all Government processes that included document flow, and then for replication of these processes in our EDMS. For each Government institution, detailed analyses of the business processes were completed, and recommendations for their automation were provided to Staff of Government. 
  • Deployment of the system in 23 Government institutions - the EDMS was deployed in 23 Government institutions, completely automating all internal and external document flow, including installation of hardware and software, development of workflows and organisational structure for each Government institution deploying the EDMS.
  • Training civil servants - the project required all staff of the 13 Ministries to be trained in the use of the EDMS. Over three days a total of 7.5 hours training was provided to each civil servant in each institution. This training included use of the software, and familiarisation of the new business processes introduced into their organisations. More than 4000 civil servants have been trained during the project. 
  • Skills and knowledge transfer - the project required skills and knowledge transfer to Government staff in order to continue roll-out of the system in other Government institutions following completion of the project. The skills and knowledge transfer included the following activities: 
    • development of user and training manuals - user and training manuals have been developed and submitted to Government to enable user-training for personnel who are recruited after the project completion
    • operation of a call centre during the warranty support period - in order to support users during the first year of the system deployment, the project established a call centre which has, to date, served more than 20,000 users

Software solutions delivered:

  • Electronic Document Management System based on Mulberry Groupware EDMS

    • complete automation of document processing
    • establishment of live data exchange with relevant Government systems
    • data migration from old databases
    • business process and workflow design module to enable different workflows for different types of registrations
    • data validation
    • risk based selection of transaction,
    • security auditing of transactions
    • performance assessment module for civil service personnel

Tasks delivered

  • Development of software integration methodology and specifications
  • Software development installation and testing
  • User acceptance testing
  • Business process analysis
  • Change management strategy development
  • Development of training curricula and methodology
  • Development of user and administration manuals
  • System stress tests 
  • On-the-job and distance training and support for different user groups
  • Software integration with other e-gov systems
  • Data conversion and migration from old databases