An on-line electronic declaration system for high-ranking officials in Armenia

Project Summary

Country  Armenia 
Overall project value EUR 206,022
USD 273,493
AMD 112,064,000
Proportion carried out VXSoft (%) 20 as sub-contractor
Number of staff provided6
Name of clientThe Commission on Ethics of High-Ranking Officials of RA 
Origin of funding

The World Bank

Name of consortium members, if any“Harmony” fund
Duration of the project

January 2013 – July 2013

Detailed description of project

The WB Funded Development of an on-line Electronic Registry of High-Ranking Officials project aimed at ensuring the proper conduct of high-ranking officials, to rule out the conflict of public and private interests, and to strengthen public trust towards public institutions. In order to ensure the efficient organisation of Commission activities, analysis of reports, and to ensure the course of complaints filed by citizens, the introduction of a unified information system is envisaged which will consist of the following components; electronic system for completing declarations, a website ensuring publication of data, available to the public, on the official webpage of the Commission and a system for storing and analysing declaration data.

Software solutions delivered:

  • Web content management system (based on VXSoft web content management system)
    • complete automation of the web publishing workflow
    • development of WYSIWYG content edition tools for on-line content publishers
    • graphical design of the portal
    • search engine optimised content management systems
    • integration of submitted declaration database for on-line search, and demonstrations of declarations of high ranking officials
  • On-line declaration submission system (based on VXSoft e-forms)
    • development of an on-line forms designer to enable development and publication of declaration forms
    • complete automation of declaration submission, change, and publication workflow
    • development of tools to protect from public view the private data of high-ranking officials 
    • establishment of the register of high-ranking officials and their related persons
    • establishment of live data exchange with relevant Government systems
  • Electronic case management and tracking system (based on Mulberry EDMS)
    • development of electronic document management system (EDMS) to enable complete electronic processing of Commission cases
    • integration of EDMS with on-line declarations and web portal systems to enable direct data transfer and retrieval between the systems
    • establishment of the unified civil status register for Armenia
    • establishment of country-wide one-stop shops for 54 civil status registration agencies
    • establishment of live data exchange with the police, social services, and other relevant Government bodies

Tasks delivered

  • Developed and submitted technical specifications for the development and introduction of the three systems
  • Development of the systems in accordance with technical specifications
  • Activation of fully functional systems in test environments, obtaining client’s comments and suggestions
  • Developed training curricula for identified types of user
  • Trained system users
  • Developed and provided to client system administration and training manuals 
  • Revised established business processes within the Commission to increase operational efficiency and analytical capacity of the Committee
  • Established data exchange standards with relevant Government bodies 
  • Developed and submitted for client approval the list and detailed specifications of equipment necessary for system operation 
  • Training and public awareness campaigns
  • Distance learning for high-ranking officials who submit declarations 
  • Developed tender documents for any subsequent equipment tendering process
  • Commitment to maintain, modernise and fine-tune the system for one year after end-of- contract