Development of Software for Statistical Database of Main Indicators of Economy of Armenia

Project Summary

Country  Armenia 
Overall project value EUR 70,200
USD 92,596
AMD 37,370,268
Proportion carried out VXSoft (%) 100%
Number of staff provided4
Name of clientMinistry of Finance of RA
Origin of fundingThe World Bank
Name of consortium members, if anyN/A
Duration of the projectMarch - December 2012

Detailed description of project

Republic of Armenia executive bodies, including Ministry of Finance, regularly conduct country situational analyses and forecasting. Specialists from different sectors collect macroeconomic indicator data required for each specific case using possible sources, and spend considerable time identifying the final sources of revised data, data collection, verification of accuracy of information, and other similar repeated actions. This process is both time and work consuming and so gave rise to the idea of establishing an electronic database and on-line statistical portal for general use. The project was to automate completely data collection, analysis and publication. The tasks included:
  • Development of technical standards for the system and data exchange formats
  • Development of software architecture, platforms, etc.
  • Development of hardware requirements and specifications for system operation
The Assignment resulted in the establishment of an on-line system for periodic publication of statistics of the main economic indicators for Armenia. This system contains flexible solutions and tools with standard interfaces to allow future connection, upon availability, of new databases and systems. The legal framework for the system functioning was also developed in the form of Government decrees and normative acts, regulating the format and obligation of relevant parties to provide statistical information.

Software solutions delivered:

  • On-line statistical portal for RA Ministry of Finance aimed at:
    • establishment of a unified portal for publishing unified economic statistics
    • integration of portal with relevant Government institutions for real-time data exchange

Tasks delivered

  • Development of software specifications for programming teams
  • Development of software integration methodology and specifications
  • Software development installation and testing
  • User acceptance testing
  • Business process analysis
  • Change management strategy development
  • Development of training curricula and methodology
  • Development of user and administration manuals
  • Stress tests of the systems
  • Training of different user groups
  • Software integration with other e-gov systems
  • Data conversion and migration from old databases